Flame Bit 023

Product no.:
Price excl. tax:
ISK 2,008.07
Price (incl. tax):
ISK 2,490.00

If your client has normal or thick cuticle, which you can push up without any problem and there is big space between cuticle and nail plate, you need to use FLAME BIT 023. Tip can be used on top of the nail and side part of the flame bit can be used on the sides of the nail plate. Premium quality diamond bits are used for skin elaboration and cuticle removal. Flame tips allow to elaborate side and back cavities really safe and effective while doing manicure, to clean away pterygium and to lift the the wall

Diamond e-file bits are used for correction of artificial nails, cuticle processing, side walls, removal of toughened skin. Wide range of shapes and sizes for bits provide opportunity to get the nails ready for manicure. Our bits are of high-quality and of long-lasting use.

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