Difference between top coats

I would like to help you to see the difference between top coats.
Here they are :
Gel Nail Polish 2in1 Base-Top – 7ml
▪ Cures under UV and LED lamp in 30 seconds
▪ Can be used for natural and gel nails
▪ Easy to use. Leaves a good shine
▪ It is necessary to use before regular gel polish
▪ Should be applied in 2 layers ( 2 base and 2 top)
▪ Wipe with cleanser
UV Top Coat – 15ml
▪ Cures under UV Lamp in 3-4 minutes
▪ Can be used for gel nails
▪ Specially formulated to create a non yellowing high gloss finish for your nails
▪ Don’t need to wipe with cleanser
Ultra Finish Gel – 15ml
▪ Cures under UV lamp in 2-3 minutes
▪ Can be used on gel and acrylic nails
▪ 100% UV gel with high gloss finish which provides the perfect shining finish
▪ Don’t need to wipe with cleanser
Diamond Nails